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Executing reverse logistics over multiple States with different regulations is a large obstacle for many original equipment manufacturers. The problem of electronic waste has different importance to different States and this is reflected by the diversity of the governing regulations. This interactive workshop covers the logistics of asset recovery from A-Z. Including, the management, operation, transport, storage, recovery, refurbishment, recycling and disposal of e-waste.

What you will learn:

  • Removing the complexity of take-back programs through building one Nation-wide, compliant strategy
  • Strategies to build and maintain relationships with consumers, post sale
  • Compliance with both national and international reporting regulations

How you will benefit:

  • Minimize costs associated with reverse supply chain management
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand visibility through well-incentivized take-back programs
  • Assure quality and compliance throughout your asset recovery process
The EPA has strict guidelines regarding the exportation of e-waste to countries outside the U.S. These guidelines are two-fold. The first reason is to ensure that overseas laborers are not taken advantage of or exposed to hazardous materials. The second is to ensure that electronic waste is disposed of in a way that won’t have dire consequences for the environment. There are repercussions for improperly  exporting e-waste and they can be dire.

What you will learn:
  • Discussing necessary steps taken to prevent exportation of sensitive data and hazardous materials
  • Taking a closer look at the role of E-Stewards standard and R2 standard
  • Solving current e-waste crises and strategizing ways to make the recycling process reliable
  • Analyzing current challenges related to data destruction and recycling electronic equipment
How you will benefit:
  • Reaping benefits of sustainability initiatives:  lowering cost, reducing emission, enhancing e-recycling programs
  • Analyzing existing environmental concerns related to e-waste and strategizing ways to prevent future sustainability issues
  • Discovering and applying  initiatives pursued by different industries

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